Welcome to the Laughlin Constable's Office
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Jordan Ross, Constable
The Laughlin Constable's Office provides full civil enforcement services in the Township of Laughlin and a wide variety of commercial civil enforcement services throughout Clark County. We are frequently the SOLE source for COMPLEX civil enforcement in Clark County. We do NOT perform residential evictions outside Laughlin unless the residence has an assessed value of not less than one million dollars and there are no seniors, children or disabled persons resident.

Writs of Execution, Attachment, and Possession

Wage Garnishments
Bank Garnishments
Cash Keepers and Till Taps
Seizure of Business Revenue and Assets
Personal Property, including seizures of safe deposit boxes
Prejudgment (Wages, Bank Accounts, Cash Boxes)
Commercial Evictions
Public Auctions
Real Property
Mobile Homes

Tenancy Enforcement Services

3 Day Notice to Quit - Nuisance
5 Day Notice to Quit - Termination of Tenancy At Will
5 Day Notice to Quit - Violation of of Lease or Rental Agreement
5 Day Notice to Quit - Unlawful Detainer of Property
5 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit the Premises
30 Day Notice to Quit and Termination of Lease


Summons & Complaints

Affidavits of Exemption/Third Party Claims

Notices Of Claim Of Lien

Affidavits Of Small Claims 

Bench Warrants in Civil Cases

NOTICE - Temporary Protective Orders Against Domestic Violence and Stalking/Harassment Orders are not executed by this office; please contact the court that issued them for the correct local Sheriff or Police station to handle your case.